The Sub ID is an optional alphanumeric value that an affiliate can append to their tracking URL.  This allows them to view conversions by these values.  This is very helpful when tracking conversions for search keywords, email lists etc.  The token [=SID=] is available in many areas and can be used to populate this value within area of the Partner Center.

When adding additional Sub IDs, the format of the URL will separate the SubIDs with Commas.  You have the ability to add up to ten (10) sub IDs.


Note:  When affiliates are passing a SubID, the only accepted characters are alphanumeric and dashes.  Failure to comply will result in your affiliates getting an error message when trying to pull their SID report.  The maximum length of a SubID is 500 characters.  You cannot pass GUIDs as sub IDs.  LinkTrust recognizes GUIDs used as sub IDs and will remove them.  If you wish to pass a GUID to a landing page, use AffiliateReferenceID.

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